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Here at Streetz Ahead we believe the best results are achieved when children are enjoying themselves.

Dance is all about losing yourself within the music and feeling the beat. To do this you need to feel comfortable within the teaching environment and when new pupils join us, making them feel welcome is our first priority.

No affiliation with Streetz Ahead Charity Enfield/North London. We are a private Dance/ Performing Arts School- Streetz Ahead Dance Academy



Fees for classes vary and are shown along with the class details in the tables below.


Dance Styles

Streetz Ahead teach a range of dance styles including Street Dance, Locking and Popping and B-Boying. Here is some information about the styles.

Street Dance

The name says it all – a dance that emerged from the streets of the World’s biggest cities, and continues to flex and evolve in surprising ways...

Break Dancing

A popular style from the Bronx, New York City, in the 1970’s. This style incorporates power moves with footwork such as top rock and up rock along...

Commercial Street

This evolved from Street style being brought into the studio and taught to everyone, including trained dancers, incorporating some styles such as Jazz.


Created in the clubs of Chicago, this style as the name suggests danced to House music. It involves fast complex footwork following the rhythm of the music...


Features big moves that freeze mid-move before shifting on to the next. It includes fast and distinctive arm and hand movements with relaxed hips and legs...


Originally created in 1970’s in California by a group named the Electric Boogaloos. The leader Sam Solomon, would often refer to a movement as a “pop” each time he flexed a muscle.


Born out of the LA disco scene of the 1970’s. Waacking features rapid, angular movements to the beat of the music. Although footwork is included, the main focus is the arms...

What people are saying

Michelle has taken Streetz Ahead from strength to strength. Winning many awards over the years. She has created a fantastic environment for all of her students. Streetz ahead have performed at many of my event over the last 8 years. They are the act that people look forward to the most. With their perfectly polished performances. Which Michelle has spent hours perfecting.

Dancescape Studios has played a big part in helping children gain confidence and massively develop their dancing ability. Turning absolute beginners into professional dancers 👏

Shane yerrell

Amazing teachers and all the kids are so happy here.
My daughter have been dancing here for the last 2 years and she can't get enough of it. The choreography is amazing and she has been learning so many new tricks in street dance. Honestly we are so happy we did found this studio as many places kids only learn basics and every performance cost a fortune.

Nuria Prieto

I have been going here for 13 years and it is the best experience of my life, with so many opportunities a performer could wish for, we have competed and won many competitions and even danced for the Lord Mayor many years in a row! my confidence has grown so much and I have gained the most wonderful dance family ever, we all look out for each other and encourage each other to be the best we possibly can! I highly recommend!!!!

RhiRhi's Life

I have been at Streetz Ahead Dance Academy for 14 years now and i can confidently say it has changed who i am for the better. It has made me grow in confidence, make amazing friends, compete in competitions with my troupe and grow as a dancer in many areas. I love it here at Streetz Ahead Dance Academy. We have grown so much as a dance family and i can’t wait to go back to my classes after Covid-19.

Grace Palmer

My 3 girls have danced at Streetz Ahead for the past 5 years and have loved every minute. They have gained so much confidence as well as life long friends! It’s a proper dance family!! I cannot recommend them enough!!

Katrina Patrick

From the moment I started Streetz Ahead, Michelle has been an amazing, welcoming teacher, I have had so many opportunities handed to me and look forward to the future. The dance school itself is amazing!!! Thank you Michelle!!!! xx

Mollie Buttfield

Streetz Ahead is such a fantastic dance school. The teachers are amazing and put so much time and effort into helping all the students develop. You honestly become part of the family and Michelle wouldn't have it any other way. The school has created such an atmosphere that makes everyone keep going back. Everyone can go there and train for fun or can use the fantastic training opportunities that Michelle and her team provide for her students to experience what it is like to work in the dance industry. After 13 years of being part of the Streetz Ahead family, I couldn't think of anywhere else that I would want to dance at!

Georgia Harper

My son has been dancing with Michelle and Ashley for over 2 years. When he started he was fairly shy, he wasn’t sure about taking part in dance shows etc. He started with the tumbling class.
2 and a bit years on he now does tumbling and street dance and he has taken part in the Lord Mayors show in London twice, a low level show and he is excited about performing in his first proper show this year.
Michelle and Ashley have been encouraging and helped build his confidence and skills.
He tried a few different studios before feeling settled here.
A lovely bunch of kids and teachers and I would highly recommend.

Niki Sehmi

A fun, welcoming and friendly atmosphere with great training in dance, singing and acting! A great place to meet lots of new friends of all ages and experience lots of different exciting performing opportunities!

Francesca Davis

As well as all of styles of street we at Streetz Ahead dance academy have expanded to teach All Genres of Dance, from ballet and tap to musical theatre.


Here at Streetz Ahead Dance Academy, we believe it is vital to keep current and up-to-date.

All our teachers continue to train and take professional classes, furthering their own careers in the industry. This constantly brings new stimulus and energy to our students as styles are always evolving and it is important to be on top of the latest trends and moves.

Michelle Hawkes

Natalie Mowat

Hayley Woolley


Streetz Ahead Dance Academy photos from various performances.


All the latest news about Streetz Ahead Dance Academy

20 Years Anniversary

Here are some videos and photos covering the past 20 years of Streetz Ahead. 

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1st comp after 2yrs and 10 trophies 🎉🎉🎉

After 2 years with no competitions we managed to scoop 10 trophies 🎉🎉🎉

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Students land main role in West End production

A massive well done to our students Emme and Eden Patrick who have successfully landed the main role of the twins in new West End production – “Parent Trap” we can’t wait to see you!!!

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