Community Events I personally wanted to say how important I feel this work is as there are so many opportunities to share our love of dance and great music – which in turn gives our pupils invaluable encouragement for all aspects of live performance.

I feel extremely rewarded that our Academy’s infectious energy is carried throughout, not just in a small room full of people with their performances, but also in capturing crowds on such grand scale celebrations as dancing to the max at the Brownies’ 100 years celebration and the Diamond Jubilee prestigious event.

From 2008-2018 the Academy’s pupils have been part of one of the world’s best-loved pageants, the historic Lord Mayor’s Show, a London tradition for over 798 years, where we perform cheered on by a crowd of around half a million people and are watched live on the BBC by millions more.

Our pupils have danced raising money for our former pupil Edie Jackson who sadly died aged 7yrs of DIPG from an incurable brain tumor. We will continue to remember Edie by supporting her family in performing at events, raising awareness of DIPG and funds for Edies Kindness Project which helps other families fighting DIPG.

We have become a local regular feature taking part in many of the Fete, Open Days and fund-raising endeavours including Town Meade Show, Cavalcade of Lights, Through the Fight Annual Ball to name but a few.

Alongside the joy of performing I hope to gently raise the awareness of our pupils of how they can make a difference, however small, with an act of kindness, their time, or a small donation. Our largest dance-a-thon so far collected funds for the Haiti Earthquake Appeal of 2010, where pupils danced for 7 hours and raised £3,000.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the pupils and parents for their generosity and enthusiasm for such projects. I am confident that with continued support we can aim for an even higher bench-mark for our involvement in future events.


Michelle Hawkes – Founder and Principal
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