• Do you want to be one of the next generation of stars? Then take to the floor and show us what you’ve got!
  • A world away from TV’s, computers, and mobile phone screens, we teach all forms of dance styles, firing up your enthusiasm and imagination.
  • We offer exciting and challenging courses to simply have loads of fun being active, in a friendly supportive training ground for budding performers.
  • Keep a look out for our popular workshops during holiday times and weekends. Workshops can range from a day to a week. Check out some of our past Frozen, Halloween, Super Hero, Tumbling Master Class days. Always a massive hit with every age!
  • A week-long course cumulates in eight choreographed dance routines which are showcased on the final day to friends and family.
  • Ages from 4-19 years, at all levels of ability, are welcome. Engaging children in an empowering and creative experience.
  • Each age group is expertly catered for and each group’s dance sections are developed into a lively routine. With the benefit of week-long daily dance training, pupils accelerate their learning of both individual steps and their combinations. Often, the group choreographies created in the holiday lessons are developed and polished to become winning Competition Troupe performances.
  • Now in our 14th year of running workshops throughout the year during the school holidays. Our courses have become more and more popular and demand is very high. Places may be reserved in advance, on a first-come-first-served basis. Don’t forget to book to avoid disappointment. To enquire about up-coming workshops, availability and fees, please contact