About Us

Here at Streetz Ahead we believe the best results are achieved when children are enjoying themselves.

Dance is all about losing yourself within the music and feeling the beat. To do this you need to feel comfortable within the teaching environment and when new pupils join us, making them feel welcome is our first priority. Pupils at Streetz Ahead Dance Academy are well known for their energy and enthusiasm when performing, and although energy is a topic that we feel strongly about, only the individual can dance from the heart. This is something which cannot be taught, yet so many audience members, judges and even people watching a class comment that our pupils always give 100% energy and passion. Why? Because they enjoy it so much! When someone enjoys a particular lesson then of course they will be working hard without even realising and improve much more.

Teaching with energy and enthusiasm is straight away transmitted to our pupils. Our teachers have a passion, have all danced professionally and know exactly how it feels to be performing. It creates a brilliant sense of freedom and achievement which is an experience we would love for all of our pupils to feel, and you don’t need to be on stage to feel this. Within the lesson there is nothing better than seeing the kids learn and then perform the routine back to you with the shouts of ‘Yes!’ filling the room when they get a move or piece right. As pupils improve, we the teachers are kept on our toes, making sure that students are constantly learning new up-to-date choreography and styles. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, as dance is constantly evolving there is always lots more to learn, which is the key to keeping our students interested in dance.

As Streetz Ahead Dance Academy is approaching its 14th year many of our long term students are now going into the profession and furthering their training by successfully auditioning and achieving a place at many recognised stage schools.

Of course not all of our students want a career in the profession. Many also attend for the pure enjoyment of learning new moves and routines which they can show off to their friends, and they make new friends along the way. Our classes also help with co-ordination, general fitness and flexibility which of course enhances everyday life. We have had a few parents comment that after their child had been diagnosed with dyslexia, coming to class and improving their co- ordination also improved their academic skills. That is not surprising with lots of moves learnt as well as the timing which the pupils need to recognise and remember when learning a routine. They are not only exercising their bodies but also their minds.

Opportunities are always being offered to our pupils, from community and charity events to fullscale shows and competitions. Whilst the response to perform is popular it isn’t for everyone and students are never pushed to perform if they do not feel ready. However, we do gently encourage pupils to take part in our annual presentation which not only is a great confidence builder but also enables friends and family to see just how well they’re getting on.