About Michelle

Her professional career spans all performing arts, dance, acting and singing, but Michelle’s primary passion is dance. She studied most forms of dance from early childhood, but Street Dancing captivated her, and she knew that this was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. By its very nature, Street Dance allowed Michelle more freedom than other dance disciplines.

Training in Ballet, Modern and Tap, from the age of 7 she started completing IDTA exams and performing in a wide variety of competitions, festivals and shows. Beginning her professional career in 1997, Michelle completed a 3yr Dance and Musical Theatre Diploma, and further added to her qualifications with an A Level in Dance as well as professional acreditation as a YMCA/RSA fitness instructor.

After taking part in Andy Instone’s, Urban Strides course, Michelle now holds a Level 4 Hip-Hop Diploma. The only accredited Street Dance Teacher qualification in the World. By achieving this award Michelle is now in the Worlds top 5% Street Dance Teachers.

From her extensive solid dance base, having been trained in technique, rules and disciplines, Michelle embraced the rule-breaking, creative Street Dance genre, loving the ‘attitude’ and autonomy, the excitement of improvisation and the unparallelled freedom to escape and  expressing herself through movement.

Developing her choreographic skills and taking the opportunities that arose within the performing industry was a natural progression. Michelle diversified to work nationally and internationally as a commercial dancer, in advertising campaigns, fashion, videos, corporate events and live shows. She was often asked to represent Pineapple Dance Studios and did various trade shows, like Vitality, and was a valuable member of the Sky Sports Dance Squad.

Michelle’s film work includes Kevin and Perry and Bridget Jones’ Diary, and she had the privilege of learning from working alongside acting icons Michael Caine in Shiner, Jeremy Irons, in Longitude and Juliet Roberts in Derailment. Michelle’s made television appearances in popular programmes such as the Jim Davison Generation Game, BBC Sports Relief, Johnny Vegas’ 20 Stone of Idiot. She also appeared in The Bill and Eastenders and had a regular part as a student nurse in Holby City. Although Michelle was offered more permanent roles in these television series, dance remained her main objective and television roles were always to be secondary to this.

While gaining her qualifications and learning the scene and varied elements of the performing industry, Michelle got a lot of satisfaction also from teaching. She taught classes whenever she could, which led her in the end to form her own Academy. During this time, she also continued to teach in a number of theatre schools, in particular, at Stage Coach for over 10 years.