Streetz Ahead in ASDA Advert

Keep your eyes peeled as in July 2014, we filmed the Nationwide ASDA Advert. Streetz Ahead Juniors were chosen to feature in the Summer ASDA marketing campaign, advertising their school uniform. Our Principal, Michelle Hawkes, was chosen to choreograph the dancers with her Timber mix routine. This has made National Television and Cinema release.

Jack Chrysiliou

We are really proud of Jack for getting a part in the Rudamental pop video, as well as an audition for the Henry Winkler new CBBC’s television drama Hank Zipzer.

Anna Barber

Fantastic news of your acceptance into the Italian Conti School full-time. We look forward to hearing all about it and seeing more new moves on Tuesday nights and Competition Troupe  challenges.

Find Ur Feet Summer Workshop

FIND UR FEET Theatre School summer workshop. All the pupils had an intensive yet fun-filled, week of putting together their current show We Will Rock You, which we hope to be performing this  December – watch this space!

Dean Wright

Congratulations to Dean who has just succeeded in his audition, and been offered a place to further his training at full-time Collins Performing Arts School, due to start in September.

Streetz Ahead Boys

Congratulations to several of the boys! I was approached by Natalia, Children’s Casting Agency, and they were invited to audition for the West End musical, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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