What People Say

Being a part of Streetz Ahead Dance Academy is more than just being in a dance class. Please read below to see what people have said.

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From The Managing Director of Pimlico Plumbers

I’m still buzzing from how well the Lord Mayor’s Show on Saturday went. I’ve had no end of great feedback from those involved and also from some spectators who spotted Pimlico from the crowd. I knew we were going to stand out, but we even got a mention by the BBC’s commentators, Chris Hollins and Helen Skelton, at the end of the parade, who said their favourite part of the whole show was our “dancing plumbers”! It just goes to show they definitely stole the show and who better to be judged by than a former “Strictly Come Dancing” winner!

The dancers from Streetz Ahead Dance Academy were brilliant. I thought it would be hard to beat what they did last year but they managed to pull it off. Their endless rehearsals really did pay off and they kept the crowds going every corner they turned, making it our loudest parade as well! It was our biggest ever parade, with over 100 "dancing plumbers" but we are going to top that with 200 next year! Not only that but we will have even more surprises in store.

There was a lot of hard graft put into preparing for the parade so I really want to thank everyone who was involved and made the day the success that it was. Of course there’s a lot of people to thank - the 144 troupe of dancers from Streetz Ahead Dance Academy, and their leader Michelle, who worked really hard putting together special routines just for the show. Well done to all of you! It wouldn’t have been the success it was without any of you and everyone else that came along, so a big thanks and well done guys. Now let’s get prepping for The Lord Mayor’s Show 2014.

Charlie Mullins, Managing Director, Pimlico Plumbers

Brookes & Mills Entertainment Agency

Your Pupils are amazing! They have been so successful this year and I can’t wait for our books to open as I’ll be leaving a big space for your kids. They are REALLY talented!

Sam Brown, Managing Director, Brookes & Mills Entertainment Agency

Magnificent Muzical Chairs

What can I say but thank you very much. That was sooo good. I was massively impressed in how it came together on the day and how the choreography gelled in such a short space of time. From what I can see everyone had a great time.

Ian, Magnificent Muzical Chairs