About Michelle

When she first started Streetz Ahead, Michelle taught 58 students in a small hall in the first year of the Academy. At that time she could not have visualized she would personally introduce several thousands of children to dance.

Working in partnership with government-led schemes, she was instrumental in encouraging boys in particular to dance and get fit. Her dance programmes, run in local schools, culminated on one memorable occasion with her taking an arena-sized dance class!

Find Ur Feet Theatre School came about when Michelle decided to branch out due to the demand to have, in-house, her own Theatre School. At the school we are so proud of how much we have been able to achieve in these four years, with full theatre productions of musicals and an abundance of our pupils being chosen from auditions to be employed in many roles within the industry.

“My dream has become a reality. For many years I would always say to my pupils, “When we get a studio”, or “One day we’ll have mirrors in our own studio which will really help”. I think for some of my pupils who have been with me since the beginning, 14 years of hearing the same thing may have seemed less reality and more of just an exciting vision. I must admit, I did wonder myself, however I just couldn’t imagine never ever teaching in a studio layout.

When you see such determination and passion from the students, it’s hard not to push harder to fulfill your goals: my dream also became my pupils dream too. A few times I thought “this is it” and for reasons out of my control, it would fall through, but I still used to believe that everything happened for a reason, and it definitely has, as now we have our first very own premises.

Our studio, Dancescape Studios, once a single story Warehouse with partitioned offices, has now been transformed in to a 2 story dance studio. Home of Streetz Ahead and Find Ur Feet in Waltham Abbey, we have 2 professionally sprung floored and fully mirrored studios; along with a reception area, office and costume room. It is absolutely incredible. A million thank yous could never really come close to the effort, determination and sweat that went in to this incredible transformation.”